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We are now joining the Project in Europe ”Sylvan Companion Dog”.
Breeding project for wolfdogs & wolfalikes. a network of decent and reputable breeders. We are committed to making the American Wolfdog more domesticated.

We follow a sensible breeding approach. This is aimed at the health, behavior and appearance of the wolf dog. For us, close cooperation is fundamental. Expertise and experience are just as important. We work together – as a team.

Trainability are the pillars of the project.

Our goal is to produce a dog with a low percentage of wolves that is healthy, vital, intelligent and robust as well as open, friendly and of solid nature. It should have an appearance that is as wolf-like as possible and also be easy to train.

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The breeders in our project meet the highest standards. In this way, they guarantee excellent treatment and care for their breeding animals and their offspring. When selecting and mating the breeding animals and when rearing the puppies, we take into account scientific studies and expert opinions. Advice and support takes place both before and after the puppy moves out. 

We breed with love, heart and mind.

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